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Payments as a Service

Online Shopping on Mobile

Financial Institutions are losing out to FinTech's with Payment and Savings apps.

Cash is dying, new digital payments are soaring, traditional merchant services are under threat.

Financial Institutions partner with Paiid to embrace alternative payments, protect their customer base and deploy next-gen merchant services without the expense of building, certifying and managing in-house programs.

A critical inflection point for payments.

Paiid GO

Tap-To-Phone app for payment acceptance on any NFC enable smart device for mobility, mobile checkout and SMB’s.

Our Platform

Paiid POS

Next Gen Smart POS Terminal for payment acceptance for larger retailers and enterprise point of sale.

Payment Orchestration

Enabling in-person payments from 90+ different payment types with a single integration. Cards, Wallets, BNPL, SMS, Crypto.

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Paiid is here to help

Financial Institutions across the world embrace alternative payment methods by offering white-labelled merchant services to their business customers.

Next Generation Payment Acceptance

Paiid GO

Paiid POS

White-Labelled Next Generation

Merchant Services Options for your business customers to accept virtually any payment type

Orchestrating payments from 90+ different payment types with

a single integration.

Card schemes, digital wallets, Buy Now Pay Later, SMS,

QR codes and digital currencies.

Paiid payment partner network

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BNPL plans alone

increase retail conversion rates 20 to 30 percent

and lifts the average ticket size between 30 and

50 percent*


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